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Education for Development of Personality

Education for Development of Personality

Dr. Suman Dalal
Khanpur Kalan


Liberalization, globalization and privatization have brought in their wake intense competition. Education plays an important role in enabling a person to face a real life situation with adequate knowledge.

All-round betterment will enable us to be prepared and equipped in this fast-paced life to undertake a work efficiently and effectively leading to accomplishment of the objective with remarkable ease. By rejuvenating themselves at physical, mental and spiritual levels simultaneously, people can enrich their individual lives and also bring about lasting change in their attitudes, whether in the workplace or in the family setup. Happiness and success are complementary and supplementary to each other.

For achieving success in any mission, proper education, knowledge in that particular field, and management are essential pre-requisites but the factor that contributes largely to success is overall development of the personality and getting the best out of a team. Being physically fit, mentally alert and spiritually active will result in overall development of the personality. Managing people is a significant factor that contributes to the overall performance of the team.

An attempt has been made to present here several thoughts that would help in overall development and maximizing the performance.


Education plays a pivotal role in shaping a person. The dual requirement of bringing up an individual as a worthy citizen of a country with diverse cultures and traditions on the one hand and achieving the uniform standard of excellence for any particular profession on the other is an important criterion. Education should not become a product of persuasion. Education should be motive force due to which a man will pursue knowledge relentlessly whatever may be his field of enquiry.

In this connection, the following enlightening words will guide us in our pursuits:

  • Real education requires cultivation of sense of humility. Great learning brings great humility. Without humility, there is no education.
  • Education bereft of values is meaningless.
  • Politics without principles, science without humanity, education without character and commerce without morality are not only useless but can prove to be dangerous and harm people at large.

A balanced education should give total opportunity to the learner to discover and use his fullest potential. While aiming at total growth, it should cater to the following:

  • Development of skill, proper habits, attitudes and human values.
  • Application of knowledge as and when required with right does.

It is not just inborn talent or educational achievements that guarantee the success of children. Without sound values, good habits and strict self-discipline, even the most gifted child cannot blossom into a good achiever. Without getting them inculcated with proper values, more academic achievement would amount of accumulation of degrees/ diplomas which will be a cold comfort on a wintry night.

The extraordinary success of a human being depends on one’s inborn qualities and personal traits-instinct, intuition, creativity and flexibility. Fortunately, we have in India an education policy and system that channelizes this unusual talent in the right direction. The practice of inculcating in children sound values and good moral right form the stage of primary education through stories, biographies etc has stood the test of time. It because of this that Indians going abroad are able to make a mark.

The blend of our Sanskar-heritage, culture and value system-with the modern and advanced technologies from the West can create a human resource that would be unparalleled.

Modern business has lot to gain form the Indian ethos. Our age-old concepts of Dharma or righteousness, Artha or wealth creation, Kama or enjoying the wealth thus created and Moksha or achieving perfection have never been more relevant business principles that today. Unfortunately, however, today’s manager concentrate more an creating wealth and enjoying it rather than focusing on Dharma and Moksha which are the most important ingredients for success. Only the educated are free in mind and body. People who do not recognize a palpable absurdity are very much in the way of civilization. Natural abilities are like natural plants that need pruning by study. Intelligence is quickness to apprehend, as distirict form ability, which is the capacity to act wisely on the thing apprehended.

Knowledge, Skills, Attitude Wisdom (value-based education will stand anyone in good stead. Developing a band of learning individuals, armed with strong conceptual foundations and intuitive insights and capable of successfully meeting the challenges of a global business economy is the need of the hour.

Through education, one gains knowledge and broadens his/her horizon. Learning is a continuous process. The fruits of knowledge go beyond you alone; they touch all those around you. And it’s never too late to reach for them. It is good to remember that   “Knowledge without integrity is wickedness. Knowledge with integrity is pure wisdom.”

We should aim to raise the standard of education in the country to a level where there is no limit for knowledge. We should also aim at inculcating values of self-sacrifice, endurance, determination, physical and mental courage, co-operation and tolerance amongst students. In this context, tow Slakes come to mind whose English translation is given below:

  • Education bestows humility, humility leads to good conduct, good conduct enables earning money, and money enables practicing Dharma leading to Happiness.
  • Student learns one part from his teacher (guru), another part by himself (i.e. by his own efforts), third part by SATSANG (association with good people), and the fourth and final part through experience as time passes.

The following words of Aristotle emphasize the importance of education:

  • The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.
  • Educated men are superior to the uneducated as much as the living are to the dead.

Following points one should follow for effective development of personality:

Value System – Evaluation

  • Constant evaluation, course correction and stock taking are signs of maturity and are likely to prove beneficial in every sphere of one’s life- be it personal, social or professional. All human beings are unique in their own sense and have been endowed with a mixed bag of qualities. Some of these qualities help build up one’s personality and are, therefore, called as strong points. Curiosity, hard work, perseverance, determination, adaptability, honesty, humility, sensitivity, responsible attitude and an open mind are some of the time-tested strong points.
  • But a strong point of personality is of no use till it is actually put to some use. So, one should realize his/her aspirations and, besides trying to highlight the positive points, should seriously and gradually eliminate those which are not strong.
  • One should assess one self honestly. Let his success and satisfaction be his guide.


Prayer is essential for everyone, whatever may be your religion. It purifies the mind, removes fear and anxiety, causes enlightenment and leads to all –round enthusiasm and happiness.


Walking regularly morning and evening for half an hour each time.


Reading good books is a good habit. Besides increasing knowledge, it gives strength to face difficult situations. It would be appropriate to quote here the words of Francis Bacon:“Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man and writing an exact man.”


One should have an absorbing hobby like music, reading, writing and painting. They remove monotony and rejuvenate a person.

Manner, Small Courtesies, Etiquette, Praise

Good manners make the work pleasant. Small things and events shape our attitudes to the big events and crises in our lives. The touch of personal interest and closeness that we show in the various transactions form morning till night transform our lives. It is the small acts of courtesy and graciousness, of gratitude and of humility that shape our lives.

Praise is a basic human need without it, none of us gives of our best. With it, we give off our best willingly. It is always good manners to give praise where it is due. Praise every improvement it people. Praise even if there it slight improvement.

Dealing with Stress

Get good exercise, adequate sleep, and regular, balanced meals. Pray regularly and read religious books. They give mental peace and strength to face different situations.


One should control anger as it can lead to undesirable consequences. In this context, the words of Aristotle come to mind,“Any one can get angry – that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way-that is not easy." The effect of anger is best illustrated in Bhagavat Gita as could be seen from the translation given below:

“From anger comes delusion;

From delusion loss of memory;

From loss memory the destruction of discrimination;

Form destruction of discrimination one perishes.


A friend is one who comes close to us when the whole world goes far to us when the whole world goes far away from us. He is an invaluable asset at all times and under all circumstances.

“Friendship is very much like good health. You do not know what you have until you lose it.”

Character: The Vital Ingredient for True Success

Character is made up of those principles and values that give your life direction, meaning and depth. These constitute your inner sense of what is right and wrong based not on laws or rules of conduct but on who you are. They include such traits as integrity, honesty, courage; fairness and generosity- which arise form the hard choices we have to make in life. So wrong is simply in sing wrong, not in getting caught. We can begin to build character at any age and without it, we will never truly succeed. The importance of character is best illustrated in the saying: “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost. When health is lost, something is lost, When character is lost, everything is lost.”

Act as Scriptures suggest

  • “Thy righty is to work only, but never to its fruits; let not the fruit of action be thy attachment be to inaction.”
  • “Devoted each to his own duty, man attains perfection.”
  • “Attachment to the good leads to detachment; detachment from bad leads to desire-free environment; desirelessness leads to steady state of mind; steadiness leads to the salvation from the world around”.

Some Visionaries

We should practice what our leaders have fought for :

Mahatma Gandhi-Truth, nonviolence; the Lord resides in hearts of all beings.

Swami Vivekananda – Tolerance, accept all religions as true.

Dalai Lama –Compassion, nonviolence, gentleness, affection.

Sri Aurobindo-Strive for freedom from ignorance.

Requisites for Success

We should train our mind and cultivate initiative, enthusiasm, self-confidence, perseverance and discipline.

“Life is not just what it is, but life is what you make out of it.”

Success is skill-based. Along with developing academic acumen, you need to develop emotional intelligence and social skills too. It is important to remember that most social skills are dependent on a feeling of positive self-worth.

Qualities of Leadership

Here is what Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw said on Qualities of Leadership.

Professional competence, moral and physical courage, -absolute impartiality and loyalty are the ingredients of good leadership. What we lack as a nation is discipline and that is the most essential quality to lead others.”

Ten-step Recipe for Success

  • Identify your strengths.
  • Be positive in your thoughts about yourself.
  • Review your past successes.
  • Have a vision.
  • Turn the vision into a well-defined, attainable objective.
  • Persevere towards the objective.
  • Keep appreciating yourself.
  • And finally, learn to celebrate success when it comes your way.


Much as we desire to excel, we hardly find time to think as to how to go about it. Busy as we are in this fast-paced life, it is understandable. Proper education and overall development of the personality are the keys to real progress. The desire to put together several thoughts that would help in this regard has prompted the writing of this article.

The way we conduct ourselves in the various transactions dally from the time we get up till we go to bed depends on our manners, etiquette and knowledge of desirable practices. All these will contribute to the overall well being which in turn will influence the quality and quantity of performance and achievement.

Learning and improvement are continuous processes. One should try to develop himself/herself and his/her people. We should unremittingly work for the good of mankind. The philosophy should be that simplicity is the best policy alongwith honesty and selfless service.

It is hoped that the points indicated in this article and the following words would enable readers to continue their efforts and reach greater heights:

  • We should keep our overall objective in view and work relentlessly to overcome the obstacles on the way.
  • “Men, like nails, lose their usefulness when they lose direction and bend.”
  • God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.





Dr. Rajnish Pandey
Reader, Department of Education



The critical presentation and the rationalization of the topic ‘A Critical Study of Concerns, Vision and Relevance of Teacher Education’ shows that the teacher education is the greatest concern to every one in the country. At the same time the contributions of ore than 32 lakh teachers towards reshaping the education in the country is unforgettable. With their efforts the number of schools have grown to more than ten lakhs. Education sector is an industry in India, which percentage of literacy has reached around 74%. The teacher is the crux and the custodian of the society and a bonafide patron of the national development to be processed through education.

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An Analysis Of The Mental Health And Examination Anxiety Of Boarders And Day Scholars Students Of Public School

An Analysis of the Mental Health and Examination Anxiety of Boarders and Day Scholars Students of   Public School

Vishesh Kumar Singh Rajput
Lecturer, Anand College of Education, Agra (U.P.)
Mrs.Omvati Rajput
Research Scholar,V.B.S.,Purvanchal University,Jaunpur (U.P.)


The concept of mental health and anxiety is as old as human being. In recent years clinical psychologist as well as educationist has started giving proper attention to the study of mental health and various forms of anxiety. All of us have experienced some form anxiety in our lives. Anxiety disorders are the most common of all mental health problems. Exam anxiety is a common phenomenon negatively affecting the academic, emotional, personal and social lives of almost 20% students across nationalities including India The result of the study indicated that, there were no significant differences in Mental Health whereas significant differences found in Examination Anxiety between boarders and day scholars students of public school. The difference in examination anxiety is may be due to the home sickness, loneliness and intrinsic motivation for the boarders students. The findings of this study provides a direction as requirement of such study’s in larger scale to generalized more authentic findings in terms of academic anxiety and mental health.

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